New add-on submitted, in "review awaiting"

(Francois) #1


I submit a new add-ons 3 days ago, but it is still in “awaiting review”. I can see on this forum that it can take a while and some poeple speak about a queue … Where can I have the queue status and what is the current delay for reviewing ?
Is it the same for an update ? Must I give you a documentation in order to understand my add-ons since it is a very specific one (in a special frame for special users).

Sorry, but I’m new bee in this kind of work.

Thanks for your support.

(erosman) #2

Which addon?

Please also read my reply here:

(Francois) #3

Thanks erosman for your answer.

I can understand you position, my add-ons is “saviscio-eid-reader” and is my first one …

Thanks for your support

(erosman) #4

The review is done. Please fix the issues and resubmit.

(Francois) #5

Issues are fixed et new version is submitted.
Thanks for your support.

(Milan) #6

I have also submit a new add-on (“Click2Shield Amazon Add-on” is the Name) 6 Days ago.
The satus is “review awaiting”

In the “Thanks for submitting”- Mail it is written:
“While awaiting review, your add-on can still be accessed and installed directly from its detail page”

I want test it and become always this error:
“The add-on downloaded from this page could not be installed because it seems to be corrupted.”

How can I check if my Add-On is corrupted?
It is not complex. The size is 12 kb an it works fine when I test it in the developer mode on my Browser.

Thanks in advance

(Francois) #7

Hi erosman,

The extension has been submitted with corrections you advised.

Can you re-review it since I have additional work to do in other pages depending on this extension (implement page in order to install it with a link). I can’t do it until it is not accepted, except if you tell me how to do without your approbation.

Thanks for your help.

(erosman) #8

It is in the admin review queue and out of my hands. I am not an admin reviewer.

(Milan) #9


Hi erosman,

do you have an idea to my problem?
Is the direct link and the installation of the addon, unlike in the mail described, only possible after the review?

(erosman) #10

I have not tested the situation. I use Unbranded Firefox for my own addon developing and therefore addons will install without signature.
What is the URL of your addon? Let me see if it has the signature or not.

(Milan) #11

The Link to the Addon is:

When I download the xpi, go to “about:debugging” and load the xpi from my PC it works fine.

When I go to the link and click on the install button I become the error.
The same is when I go to “Add-ons” and load the xpi.
I become the same error.

It works just in the debug mode.

Thanks for your help.

(erosman) #12

People wont be able to install the addon into normal release version of Firefox because it doesn’t have the signing data. I guess that line is outdated and need to be updated.

“While awaiting review, your add-on can still be accessed and installed directly from its detail page”

@jorgev Please check the above :slight_smile:

Note: Why does the addon add so many listeners? It would be more efficient to add ONE listener and then handle the rest in the function.
There is also no need for background.html
Simply point to the script.

  "background": {
    "scripts": ["js/c2s.js"]

(Jorge) #13

Yeah, unreviewed add-ons can’t be easily installed anymore. We plan to hide the detail page in those circumstances, since it doesn’t make that much sense now.

I’ll file a bug to change the email template.

(Milan) #14


Thanks for your comments.

I changed the Code and submit the new version.
The RegExp it’s better and now it’s just one listener.
The background.html was removed.