Waiting Approval of Extension for over 2 Days


I uploaded my new extension UUID {19ec95c4-5b74-475d-a6df-dd8b0ed59268} on Friday but it is still pending Approval. Usually it gets approved in few minutes.

Is the wait time expected to be long at this time. Please let me know if you need further details to review.



Hi Deepak, thanks for reaching out. Can you log into your Developer Hub account and see if your extension has been set to Invisible? If it’s set to Invisible, that can cause delays. If that’s the case, changing your extension to Visible should get you unstuck.

My Addon is not listed on AMO, I uploaded it to get signed and distribute it from my CDN. Please suggest if there is setting to set not-listed addons to visible mode as well.

Reaching back again to see if you can provide more details for self-distribution add-ons. I do not see a setting(visible/invisible) for Self distribution add-ons.

Hi @deepak.gupta, I’m going to PM you with some additional details.