Want a free server?


Is anyone in the intellego community interested in a free server?

I’m tempted to rent a server for my own purposes, and am probably just gonna use it a fraction of the time, so I could potentially share it with you. The rules would be simple: you’ll have a linux shell (non-root) and web space, you can use it for any intellego related tasks, you should be polite with CPU/RAM and not hog it all (or just for short times) and I can install stuff if you want …and of course not abuse this free offer.

This could be useful for example to set up a moses instance and other stuff.

If you’re interested, please just send a message about what you’d like to do with it.

PS: please tell me if such a post is inapropriate here, I’d remove it

Hi, don’t know whether I am eligible for this offer, but would be very keen to benefit. Well, I’m going to use it for my own web development and also for showing my makes and our Mozilla community here.




@spillai10 - you’d be better off doing a Community IT request, you can start a thread in the Community Ops category if you have questions.

Thanks Kensie. I share her opinion that your request indeed belongs more in the general Community IT.
I’d like to keep my offer rather focused on Intellego / MT specific tasks.

Thanks Kensie. Will do that.

Thanks for your advice.

Offer closed.

Apparently nobody from intellego needs a server either.