Want to become a Buddy? Start here!

So you want to be a Buddy… that’s great! :smile:

A few things to do first:

  1. Read https://wiki.mozilla.org/Support/Buddies#How_can_I_become_a_Buddy.3F
  2. Choose whether you’re more suited to be a Community Buddy or a Mentor Buddy
  3. Introduce yourself below (in this thread) and tell us how you want to contribute to Buddies - we’re eager to hear new and brave ideas, too
  4. Give us some time to tell you whether you’re ready to be a Buddy or what steps you should take to become one a bit later

Hi @vesper,
This is Rufus C Sharma. I’m a Webmaker Mentor, Mozilla Guides Moderator, Translator. I’m not new to the SUMO program. I was involved into the program quite sometime back. But didn’t contributed much. Whenever I get sometime used to login using my twitter account and reply to few posts. As said I’m a translator expert, used to translate to telugu (India) from English and I’m a guide in “Teach the Web”/“Web Translation” forum where you co-support. Saw your post under the “web Translator” category in the guides discourse. I would like to become a buddy. Please suggest me where to start ? Should I be mentored first from a buddy to get started or is it ok start with the knowledge I have ?

Rufus C Sharma

Hello @RufusCSharma - great to see you here!

I believe that your experience is more than enough to join us. Please take a look:

I also posted a few links to new contributor posts in the SUMO forums: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/ongoing-new-contributors-waiting-for-buddies-get-your-new-contributors-here/1196 - take a look, there should be a few candidates for localizers there.

Your feedback and ideas are most welcome!

@rtsayles will be sending some reminders about the IRC meeting tomorrow soon - so I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at #buddies around 17:00 UTC :smile:

Hi @vesper,
Thanks for inviting me in. It’ll be great to join you people on the IRC. @rtsayles Don’t forget to send me an invite :wink: :smile:

Rufus C Sharma

      Hi @vesper,

I, Rishabh Banga am a Webmaker Mentor, and that being said am a part of Webmaker Training  and Webmaker Community. These are my contributions till now: 
1) I was a developer for the fx10 landing page 
2) Part of the Internet For All campaign. 
3) Part of the CommunityIT discourse team. 
4) As Club Lead, I make sure in spreading the word of net neutrality and issuing badges.

I make sure I retweet all relevant tweets and even reply to some, so that my club members can easily be a part of it like the recent Hour Of Code. I would like to become a buddy. Please do suggest me where to start from. Should I be mentored first or is it ok start with the knowledge I have obtained till now?

Warm Regards,
Rishabh Banga

Hi Rishabh,

We’ve been a bit quiet and busy in the last few weeks, so apologies for the late reply.

Thank you for sharing your impressive list of contributions. Great to have you on board :smile:

We’re revising the way “buddying up” should work, so more updates on that will come early 2015.

I think what you’re doing already is the right thing, and is definitely in the spirit of helping others become greater.

Keep rocking!

Hey @vesper

Not an issue. Do let me know on anything I should look into and looking forward to those updates!

Warm Regards,
Rishabh Banga

Hi @vesper, I have been part of the SUMO community for some time. I have goon through the SUMO QA training. I think that I would make a great Mentor Buddy. I would love to show the new contributors the ropes. I would also love to get some local contributors together and set up some Firefox clinics.


Firefoxbob2, this sounds great :slight_smile: Can you please send a private message on the SUMO forums to Madalina and Rachel? They’ll be happy to set you up as a mentor.

Thank you!


I’m going to steal this one :smile: See you soon