[Wanted] "limit suggested to category"

I noticed this setting. I think we want to turn it on for the main Discourse. Let me know if it’s not self-explanatory.

This is wanted: DIS-78

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Does it limit to parent category or subcategory?

Might we want suggested topics to span categories, since similar discussions could take place in multiple categories?

Not sure what it does exactly, but I think either option is better than the current status quo.

Also given the current status quo, I think there are many categories where sub-categories are unrelated, eg Communities.


What’s wrong with the status quo? I have no experience using Suggested Topics. The way I use Discourse, if I find myself looking at the Suggested Topics area I’ve scrolled too far, past the stuff I’m here to see.

Well they’re a bit useless right now. They aren’t necessarily limited to categories I follow. If they were only from the category I was currently viewing, it would become a more useful navigation option as it would have a better chance of showing me threads from that category I haven’t read yet.

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@jorgev What do you think of this? Do you also think it’ll be a big improvement for your users?

I agree it makes sense to limit to category. Otherwise a very active category (like Add-ons) can cause too much noise for less active ones.

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We’re just waiting until we have our process set up for notifying Discourse users of visible changes, then we’ll flip this setting.

I’ve changed my mind, I don’t think we want to change this because Discourse prioritises unread topics, and having suggested topics spanning all categories makes it very easy to quickly go through my unread topics, particularly on mobile.

Has Discourse changed how they suggest topics?

Your reasoning gives me pause because you are an edgecase, and the task you’re using the UX for isn’t the same as what the UX is meant for. You should be able to easily read through your unread topics in the categories you watch, but shouldn’t that be done through the unread pane?

We still need to address the reasons why this is a bad thing for most users. If Discourse has changed the suggestions to be more functional, that would be a start.

Check suggested topics for this topic, there are all from Add-ons categories, that makes no sense.