'Send me an email for every new topic (i. e. first post in a topic) (unless I mute category)' option

This option will be less noisy than ‘Send me an email for every new post…’.
If you are interested in some topics, you can ‘Watch’ them individually.

Right now it is available in ‘Latest topics’ RSS feed.

Hi and sorry I may be eyh… tired. Where is that Latest topics located pease?

I saw one can RSS-subscribe to any subject he wants/added to. Point but I won’t do that in the real world. Is there a “active topics” (ie. those we follow) page, with rss to follow it (I think Github does that)?

Yours, cyrille

Good question. It seems that it has been disappeared from your browser’s subscribe menu since last update. However, the direct link still works:

Thank you Mikhail, but

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.

is what this page tells me while I’m logged in.

That’s pretty weird. It works for me no matter if I logged in or not.

How comes 8-| Am still unaible to display the latest RSS. Here’s a screenshot of what I get:

Try to create separate topic for this issue.
It still works for me and subscribe menu works again too.

Bumping a super old thread but this is now a feature per-category: