WaveRNN Training Error

Hey @erogol and TTS community
I’m trying to train the WaveRNN model for Tacotron2 which I’ve already trained
and i’m getting the following error.I cannot generate mel-spectrograms from the Tacotron2 model.
I’m getting the following error-

I think the dataset loader isn’t being created properly.Can you explain what the paths in below figures are supposed to be.

I’d appreciate any sorts of help on this.



can you try the notebook on the latest dev branch? If it does not work either, then there is a bug.

Hey @erogol ,It Worked.Thanks.Appreciate it.
But I encountered another problem while training the vocoder.

I checked the WaveRNN/config.json file.I didn’t find a variable named mulaw.

Can you help solve this?

you can add mulaw field. It is just a json in the end.

Hey @erogol,
Actually there are 3 fields-
mulaw,use_aux_net and use_upsample_net.
What are it’s values supposed to be?

can you link me the branch you use ?


this might help https://github.com/erogol/WaveRNN/blob/master/config_libri360.json

otherwise, if you use auxnet, set use_aux_net=true and use_upsample_net likewise.

Thanks again.
Appreciate it.