We should have this

(Tom Farrow) #1

So a quick status update on WPaaS before I share my problem. We’re making strong progress. There’s now full automation in place to deploy a site to docker and configure AWS load balancing. Security, stability and speed of the service is still incredible… I’m proud of it.

So I’ve hit another problem where money would be nice.

We’re using MainWP as a central control panel for the network. It rocks. But some of the best bits are paid

For example, remote backups. I’d like to setup the system so that it backs up all of our sites every day and once per week, keeping 3 daily backups and two weekly backup at a time. That would be awesome. Those backups should be stored safely in S3, so if our whole docker cluster goes boom, our backups don’t go with it.

To put it in S3, I need another plugin costing $30. Our previous request for a plugin of the same cost is still stuck in the dirt.

This is the same situation; I’d happily pay myself, but Mozilla should be paying.

(Tanner Filip) #2

What does this plugin provide that you can’t do with a shell script?

(Tom Farrow) #3


If I do it with a shell script, I’m working around the system and adding a fork in the workflow. With the plugin, S3 becomes part of the workflow, and thus will play much more nicely with MainWP’s scheduling system, and restoration