Weekly Update # 1- Aug 1st, 2019

Hey All,

This is the first update about the Community Portal which has JUST started to be developed. In addition to this very fancy new discourse category you can now also follow along in the brand-new Github repo.

Other Updates:

  • The portal will surface 5 things: Events, Group, Profiles, Campaigns, and Activities.
  • The Playground team is starting to work on wireframes for the portal. Here’s a sneak peak at a very early sketch for a group page - but we’ll share a more complete draft for feedback next week.

Input & Feedback Requests:

  • Group Cover Photos - Should there be a cover-photo area (like in the group pilot) or not? If you think there should be a cover photo should it be… whatever a group wants, a standard image, a graphic groups can customize if they want, something else?

Question of the day (will also be on the FAQ) :

  • Q: Will this replace Mozillians?
  • A: No! Ultimately this platform will pull profiles from Mozillians.

I like the idea if it being whatever a group wants. Whilst I think it would be bad for people to be obliged to provide a photo and that there needs to be an option for a graphic instead, I think that having pictures of teams would be good to see and create a greater sense of community.

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what if we auto populate a cover image daily based on the geographic area the community is in .

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Or a collage of all group members public avatar, this way the photo will never get outdated :smiley: