Frequently Asked Questions (Portal Edition) - FAQ

Things are new! You have questions! Ask them here so we can keep a running list and ultimately co-create an FAQ that answers all of your questions.

  • Q: Will this replace Mozillians?
  • A: No! Ultimately this platform will pull profiles from Mozillians.

Is there an API of any kind being planned?


Heya :wave:

Do you have any specific resources in mind you’d like to access / modify through an API? The general idea of this project is consolation and having a clear point of entry into contributing. Which is not to say that we won’t miss use cases and that we’re anticipating every future idea. Hence we’re curious to hear your thoughts to find out if & how we can accomodate.

Hello, will the portal be available in Spanish from the beginning?

Hey Gery!

Unfortunately the portal will launch as a V1 in English but our goal is to have the platform localizable (in pontoon) in V2.


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Thank you very much for your response Lucy.
Do you have any tentative dates for V2?

Regards! :grinning::beers:

Probably launch a V2 in Q2 (summer), 2020.