Weekly Update: 29th November - Localising the validation criteria, AMA and more

Hey Common Voice Community

I hope this message finds you well. For this week’s weekly update, I will be highlighting some updates on localising validation criteria, upcoming events and new CC0 advice in the Community Playbook.

:world_map: Localising the validation criteria

Thank you for your feedback that some of the recording and validation guidelines do not reflect all languages. The CV site currently doesn’t support language-specific content but we are working towards launching this feature in 2022.

For example, Pontoon only gives 1-1 translation of sentences, which doesn’t give much flexibility for localisation.

In the meantime, we would still like to support people to understand what the guidelines mean in their own context. If you would like to learn more about please visit this post.

:calendar: Events

:left_speech_bubble: Ask me Anything with EM, Common Voice Product Lead

We would like to invite you to attend our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with EM, Common Voice Product Lead on Monday 6th December 3 pm-4 pm UTC.

The session will be hosted on a discourse, please check out this discourse topic to learn how you can submit questions and take part.

:partying_face: Validation Parties

Ahead of the Common Voice Dataset release, we are hosting validation parties on;

  • Monday 29th November, 6-7pm (UTC/GMT)/ 7pm to 8pm (CET) 12pm to 1pm (CT)
  • Thursday 2nd December, 2-3pm (UTC/GMT), 9:30pm to 8:30pm (IST)
  • Thursday 2nd December, 6-7pm (UTC)

If you would like to attend please register here.

:books: New CC0 advice in the Community Playbook

Following a Common Voice Langauge Reps meeting, we received feedback on helping communities build cases for copyright owners to understand what CC0 is. I have included an amazing PDF I found on CC0 website that breaks down key concepts. If anyone would be interested in localising this please let me know via direct message.

You can access the link via the Playbook, under the TLDR section, then click “What does Public Domain or CC0 mean?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask !

Many thanks,

Hillary :smiley:


This is great! I think we should link to that from the Sentence Collector instead of using the more complicated Wikipedia article. What do you think?

Also, would it be possible to link to the PDF directly and not going through GitHub? Then it would open in the preconfigured PDF viewer for everyone clicking on it. Firefox Mobile (can’t test desktop right now) also currently has a bug that it tries to open your link as PDF, which doesn’t work as it’s not directly the PDF but rather the Github preview of it. Here’s the link to the direct PDF: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/common-voice/community-playbook/master/sub_pages/Publicdomain(1).pdf . Would you agree?


Hey Micheal,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, I think it might be an easier explainer.

I’m thinking as PDFs are not always accessible for people with screenreaders, that I take out the text from the PDF but also have a link to the direct pdf that you shared (thanks for this). I can schedule time for the changes tomorrow.

Many thanks,


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