Weekly Update Thread - 2021-2022

What are the weekly updates ?

We want this to be a space for us (Common Voice Team) to openly communicate with the community.

To help support the discoverability of Common Voice Weekly Updates for the Community I have created this topic.

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2022 Updates

Most Recent Update


Week 1: Upcoming Dataset Release and About Page Update
Week 2: Weekly Update: Establishing variants for Languages on Common Voice and New Team Members

2021 Updates

December and November 2021

Celebrating 2021
New About Page - Active Survey
29th November - Localising the validation criteria

October 2021

28th October - Language Diversity Impact and Community Lightening Talk
22nd October New Language Workflow
15th October - Low Bandwidth Contribution
6th October - Next Dataset Release and Hacktoberfest

September 2021

29th September - Social Media Campaign
20th September - Contribute-athon Global
9th September - Social Media Campaign, Kishwaili Fellows Update, Accent UI Survey
3rd September - Expression of interest Common Voice Reps and more

August 2021

27th August - Common Voice Kiswahili and Accent Workflow Community Events
20th - Accent Workflow & slides from roadmap sessions
12th - CC0 Waiver Process + Save the dates: Accent Workflow
5th - Accuracy for validating voices, Community Health Metrics and Community Playbook Updates

July 2021

26th - Accent Workflow Improvements, hiring and Community Engagement preference poll
16th - Dataset AMA with Jenny, Voice clip validation, Trustworthy AI
8th - Common Voice Roadmap: Community Session dates, Mozfest Common Voice takeover
1st - Community Playbook Review, COVID-19 Impact, Outreach Campaign Update

June 2021

25th - Dataset release timing, Low bandwidth connectivity and Mozfest Twitter takeover
18th - Outreach Campaign and Hiring