Weekly Update: Common Voice Dataset Release

Hello Common Voice Community

Last week some of our team have been hosting a workshop at Re: Publica on “Speak up! Exploring Decentralised Voice Assistant Futures through Speculative Design”. We discussed cultural to environmental factors affecting the future and the current usage of voice assistants.

Next Dataset release - Tentatively out 6th July :star2:

You can localise this graphic via canva - please copy then make your own version.

Our 10th Dataset release will be tentatively out on the 6th of July!

We have come so far since the conception of the project - with a large thanks to our contributors.

Let’s make this dataset release special - I would like to encourage you to try 3 of the following methods of contributions shown in the image.

If you need any material support please check our community funding and events workshops.

Update: The cut of the period for contribution to the 10th Dataset will be Friday 24th June. This will enable us to create the dataset.

Common Voice Updates

  • Rewatch our last Community Workshop on Airmozilla

  • Save the dates 7th July, we have an exciting community call coming up. More details next week


We are hiring Front-end and Full Stack Engineers to join the Common Voice Team.

Language Reps

This week we will be starting the second cohort of Common Voice language Reps. Our first session is focusing on Language Community Goal Planning, to facilitate the session we will be using this template as a tool to spark ideas and conversations with fellow language community members.

Mozilla Oppurtunities