Weekly Update: Common Voice Public Dashboard is Back and More

TLDR: Wednesday Release on Common Voice Platform (CVP), Variant ideas for Languages on CVP, Community Dashboard is Back !

:sparkling_heart: Happy Lunar New Year ! To community members celebrating

Common Voice Public Dashboard

We’ve heard lots of requests about having clearer public analytics for Common Voice. This is an ongoing project, but as a first step you can now see several key stats - including new contributors, daily clips, top locales by hours and more - on this Grafana dashboard.

Check out our latest platform release notes on our github.

Contribute to establishing variants for Languages on Common Voice

We want to make Common Voice more lingustically inclusive and will be introducing variants at the end of Q1.

Variant: A specific form of a language or language cluster associated with a group of speakers, for example those living in a shared region or country, or who have a shared culture or heritage, and thus experience vocabulary, grammar and norms that differentiate their speech from others.

*Note that we use the word variants rather than dialects because the latter has sometimes been used in derogatory ways, however variants are not limited to geographies.

Reference: How we’re making Common Voice even more linguistically inclusive. blog by Common Voice Team

Thank you to communities so far who have shared their views on the variants for their language via our survey and 1:1 conversations.

We want to ensure no-one is left behind so we have extended the survey deadline for the first round. If your language community wants to take part please check out our guidance and complete the survey by 10th Feburary.

Opportunities and shoutouts

  • FOSDEM is this week ! Come through and support Bulent, Micheal and Saverio who are presenting talks on Common Voice on 5th February
  • Mozfest is soon approaching ! Check out the schedule and register to attend. You can register for free or pay what you can.
  • Would you like to create a speech to text model using your own voice ? If yes, check out this tutorial by Coqui featured on our blog.

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Hey everyone, the grafana dashboard has been temporarily disabled due to some essential updates. - We will update the community once it’s back.