Weekly Update: Community Documentation Update + FOSDEM talk recordings

TLDR: Mozfest is 3 weeks Away ! Re-watch Community Talks at FOSDEM, Community Documentation Update

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Hello Common Voice Community,

In this week’s weekly update we highlight; opportunities for communities, updates to community documentation and re-watch Community talks at FOSDEM.

Community Documentation Update

  1. Machine translation for text corpus development

Following conversations at Common Voice language rep sessions, we wanted to highlight the use of machine translation for text corpus development in the playbook:

“Some language communities have used automatic translation of high-resource languages’ corpus’ licensed under cc0 and adapted materials for cultural context in the language. After translating the texts, they have reviewed the sentences through the sentence collector. The Common Voice Team doesn’t have a formal position on automatic translation for sentence collection.” https://common-voice.github.io/community-playbook/sub_pages/text.html

If your community would like to share a case study to feature on the playbook please let me know via direct message.

  1. Are you building a language community or looking to run community engagements towards Common Voice?

Has language joined the Common Voice Project in the last three months ? Are you thinking about community building for your language ?

I have created a short guide, to support you in thinking about how you build community around your language on Common Voice. The guide includes vision setting, literature on community building and more.

Re-watch Community Talks at FOSDEM, Community Documentation Update

Missed out on FOSDEM ? No worries, you can check out the recordings of talks by Micheal, Saverio and Bülent.

Highlights + Opportunities

  • Mozfest is coming up in 3 weeks, you can check out the schedule and register to attend. You can register for free or pay what you can.
  • Do you use the Common Voice Dataset ? The Common Voice Product Team is currently running a Dataset Survey. We look forward to hearing your views.
  • Community Support Desk is running next Thursday at 10am to 11am UTC and 5pm to 6pm UTC, joining details can be found on the calender

All the best,