Weekly Update: New About Page + Open Common Voice Language Rep Session

Hey Common Voice Community,

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New About Page on Common Voice

In conversations, with community members we have recieved feedback on improving the visbility and accessibility of participation pathways and documentation (e.g localising the community playbook).

The Common Voice team have designed a new layout and content for the about page as a first step to address the issues raised.

Share your feedback

We would like to share with the community what we have created and hear your feedback.

You can take part by attending one of the three open Common Voice language rep session on Thursday 16th December on Zoom.

Timings for 16th December

  • 11am to 12pm UTC
  • 3pm to 4pm UTC
  • 6pm to 7pm UTC

The Zoom details are on Community Calender. If you don’t have a gmail account or have trouble accessing the invitation, please email me hillary@mozillafoundation.org

Update: Survey is live

January Dataset release

We are happy to share that the rescheduled dataset release will be on January 19th 2022. Consequently the cutt off periof for voice clip collection and validation will be on 12th January 2022.


Short Updates

  • Share your views on the evolution of the Community Support Desk; the community support layer of Common Voice is open to all languages to help break the barrier. Breaking the barrier means; creating an adopted usable voice recognition system in a community.

  • Common Voice officially has a Facebook Page, this will be managed by the Common Voice Team.

  • Preview the new creative graphics we created for the community (see below).

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