Weekly Update: New Language Workflow - 22nd October 2021

Hello Common Voice Community,

This week we have a few updates and opportunities to share with you!

Community Question: New Language Workflow

For the last two weeks, we have hosted sessions at the contribute-a-thon’s on the New Language Workflow.

I would like to extend the conversation to discourse. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the New Langauge Workflow topic.

Common Voice Platform Release Notes

  • Updates to personal dataset takeout function that should prevent takeouts with large amounts of files (25k+) from stalling
  • Fixes sorting on various language dropdowns that alphabetizes by language name, instead of machine code - Shoutout to Christian fo their support :sparkles:
  • Wikipedia scrapes featuring updates since the last one - Shoutout to Micheal for their support :sparkles:

Common Voice Langauge Reps

Next week we have the first languages reps session. We will be discussing:

  • How could we nuance Sentence Collection requirement for language needs on Common Voice?
  • Voting on Common Voice Community Proposals for Mozfest 2022

Funding and Awards Available

  • Low bandwidth Contributions to Common Voice supporting ideas that can support Low & No Connectivity Solutions onto Common Voice. Successful applications can receive up to $5000

  • Mozilla Technology Fund (MTF) supports open source technologists whose work furthers promising approaches to solving pressing internet health issues.

  • Lacuna Fund Lacuna Fund’s fifth funding process focused on #language datasets in sub-Saharan Africa

All the best,



Is that about the 5k requirement or something else?

Hey Micheal

I’m refering to the 5k sentence collection requriement for langauges.

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Wow I reported this… when CV started as it was an old time issue!