Welcome our new FSA Coordinator

Hello everyone,

I’m really excited to announce that Christos Bacharakis will be joining the Participation Team during the next months as FSA Coordinator to take the challenge of supporting the FSA program and assisting the Campus Campaign.


Christos is based in Thessaloniki, Greece and he has been part of the Mozilla family since 2012, being a superstar in different parts of the community: Reps, Webmaker, Mozilla Greece, Firefox OS, Tech Speakers… and many others!

I’m more than confident that the FSA Program will reach to the next level thanks to his support.

Welcome Christos! :smiley:


Congrats Participation Team & congrats @Christos!
Good luck in your new role!

What a great news. Congrats @Christos!

Congratulation @Christos ! \o/

Congrats @Christos! Waiting to see your rocking steps around the FSA program \o/ Best of Luck.

Mabuhay! Congratulations Christos! I concur with Nuke that the FSA Program will indeed reach to next higher level with the support of Christos.

Congrats, Welcome and Best Wishes @Christos :slightly_smiling:

Awesome! Congratulations @Christos Looking forward for more awesome things to come. :slight_smile:

Oho :+1: Many congratulation buddy @Christos :grin: Very much happy to see you there :slightly_smiling: Looking forward for more awesome things to come :relaxed:

:heart_eyes: Awesome !! Congrats @Christos! Best of Luck buddy. :slightly_smiling:

wonderful! hopefully that we can work together on helping local FSAs soon

Awesome @Christos!

Congratz !!! @Christos !!!

Congratulation @Christos ! :smiley:

Good Luck @Christos !
Happy for you !!

Congrats @Christos ! :slight_smile:

congrax @christos

Many Congratulation @Christos! Best of Luck your new Role! Welcome to the Family! :slightly_smiling:

Congrat and welcome :slightly_smiling:

Congratulations @Christos ! Best of luck.