What are intellego's goals?

As I described here:
…what intellego is meant to be seems rather unclear to me. It says a “platform” but its hard to be more vague.

Is it meant to be:
…self-hosted translation engines?
…a proxy where users can select among various translation providers?
…various tools, standarts, widgets related to translation?
…helping research?

Are the goals everything? or nothing? or not yet precisely defined? wouldn’t it make sense to split it into several small projects already?

I find it ok to consider “intellego” as an umbrella for all initiatives around the MT topic. However, in order to avoid confusion and focus on the individual tasks, I think it would be wise to already distinguish various sub-projects/goals. For example:

  1. Intellego engine - a self-hosted translation system
  2. Intellego platform - a web service where people can select their translation provider and providers can “plug-in”
  3. Intellego web/widgets - a widgets/web group for fancy stuff

I also think 3 is “later on”. The question currently is what priority intellego would like to focus on. Should it focus on running its own translaation engines? Or act as a platform which forwards the translation tasks to providers?

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There is actually a newer goals doc for 2015, I am not sure if it is still
in draft stage, but it gives a much clearer picture -

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Hi Arnaud,

Thanks so much for your comments. You make excellent points.

In my view, the major focus right now is what you list as #2, Intellego platform. #1 is a very-long term goal due to the complexity involved.

In order to track sub projects, we have a meta bug set up in Bugzilla. I think it’s a great idea to plan out some sub projects and get people working on those.

Are you interested in one of the sub-projects you mentioned?

Hey, cool!

I didn’t expected such quick responses! Great :wink:

However, there are already discrepancies. The goals of https://wiki.mozilla.org/Intellego/Goals_Milestones
are all about (1) setting up an internal translation system.

However, what mekki suggests is the opposite. Not to focus on these “Q1 2015” goals, but rather on a platform used to hand over the translation to providers.

…pom pom pom :wink:

That said, a “platform”, in other words a web page / web service that solely forwards the translation to providers actually sounds very doable.

With a few days of work, it would be possible to build a web page where the user can select between google translate, bing translator and other arbitrary providers.

Is that what you want?