What are the different roles of Council, Pierros, Rosana and Nukeador?

I know what council’s responsibilities are, and I know the defined role of the owner. I was curious about a more practical explanation of what type of tasks are handled by which role? I think it’s correct to say that the employees have been the ones to plan ReMo Camps - though definitely with input from council. Are there other examples like this?

The Council is more or less organized this way:

  • Module Owner (Pierros)
  • Council Chair
  • Council Members

@pierros role is to oversee the whole program, without too much intervention, because it wouldn’t have too much sense to have a government body democratically elected if it can not act on its own accord. Yet when Pierros notices something that needs the Council attention he magically drops us an email about it, either if we do something bad or good.

@rosana and @r_oVhPfcJCUUC5wbm6i4_C2Q are the appointed MoCo staff members in the Council, their role is to manage the program itself and work together with the Council to make this possible, all the decisions we make are voted and then put into work, the appointed staff members do not change regularly like the Council.

The Council Chair is the one that has the responsibilities to lead the Council and keep track of the activities, push the things to get s**t done and be the timelord of our meetings, its a tough job but necessary, its also a great responsibility because as the Council Chair you are the one that represents the whole Reps program to the rest of the world including MoCo and MoFo.

The Council members also have their roles, they keep track of the health of the Reps program and bring into the Council attention any incidents and conflicts that arise, also they work really hard reviewing hundred of budget requests to make sure they are valid for Council voting, they also gather the ideas and feedback from the rest of the Reps and bring them into the table of discussion in the Council meetings.

More info at: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Council

Sure, but I get the feeling Pierros does more than this for the program. Maybe that’s not the case?

Sure, but this is why I asked for examples. What does managing the program mean? How is it different to how council is supposed to manage the program?

Thanks for @mentioning them though, I realized after you replied that I should have done this as they are probably the best people to answer this!


It’s a good question and in fact there is a lot of work that goes on the background to keep the program running that is not visible to everyone.

What Nuke does is to take care that everything is working so that Reps can work their magic without running into trouble. That means that processes work, their mentor is active, their application is answered, they are on the portal and on the different communication channels. Nuke is also taking care that everyone knows what’s going on in the Reps program: he started moving us to discourse, created the monthly newsletter and is always in the weekly call.
He is also as a council member working on improving the program and tracking our progress.

What I do is slightly different and I have been more in the background since Nuke joined us. I try to make sure that we have the resources that we need, that we get the support from Mozilla that we need to be more effective and that the work that our amazing Reps do is more widely recognized in the organization. I also work with the council in trying to improve the program and align with Mozilla’s goals. Also I coordinate the meetups (ReMoCamp and the Council meeting at the beginning of the year) so that we can have all the input from Council and Mentors.

We have also our wonderful Konstantina who coordinates everything that has to do with Money and Swag. This is a very important role that support everything that we do at the program. We would collapse without her :wink: