What happens when the external scorer is deactivated?

i am currently writing a bachelor thesis and for an evaluation it would be important to know what happens when the “external scorer” is deactivated. “External” suggests that there is an internal scorer? or is the transcript (without external-scorer) straight from the acoustic-model?

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Hi @Robin_Euhus - great question. This is covered in the Scorer section of the DeepSpeech PlayBook.
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DeepSpeech supports the optional use of an external scorer - if you’re not sure if you need to build your own scorer, stick with the built-in one to begin with .

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is it possible to use DS without a scorer?

Yes, just look at the docs.

sorry but i cant find this inside of the docs. the docs describe how to create and use your own scorer.
According to the docs and advice from PlayBook(see above), using the model without scorer / “disable external scorer” - leads to the -internal scorer-. I can’t find a point in the docs which describes how to deactivate the -internal scorer-. I can’t find anything about this in the API description either and also in the API code is no setting that suggests that this is possible. more detailed information would be nice. maybe I just don’t get it.

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Is default kenlm scorer can be used for different language (e.g : Indonesian Language)