What is this community/forum about?


I really like Discourse and so I’d like to ask some questions here. However I am not sure whether this forum should be used for this.
Of course I know this is not a good place to post bug reports (use Bugzilla instead) or support questions, which means asking how to do (enable/disable/use/…) something (for which support.mozilla.org should be used), but that’s not what I want to do.
But I’d rather would like to ask questions about specific features in Firefox e.g. how they work, based on a general level and not on a very technical level. Possibly also giving some feedback about these. Or asking about other things regarding Mozilla as a company, e.g. legal questions or questions about the ToS/Privacy Policy/…

So what I am missing is a general description of this community. Usually you can discuss many things in a (Discourse) forum and this forum is named “Mozilla community” so this name alone does not say what you can do here.
Personally I also like this Discourse forum much more than Mozilla’s support site, so this is a place where I’d like to ask questions. On support.mozilla.org I often do/did not even found the correct button where I can post a question and only saw all this support articles. (Some time ago I did not even knew that you can ask questions on support.mozilla.org)…
Okay, I am getting of-topic, but this is basically already the part “giving feedback” I mentioned above.

As a newbie in this forum I just don’t know what this forum is about… except that it is about Mozilla. :smile:


I would say to use the Mozillians category for the more general questions.

But on the larger question, this is a Discourse instance that is a catch-all for Mozilla communities that want to use it. That’s why there aren’t categories for everything in Mozilla. The idea behind the Discourse is to show that it could replace mailing lists and/or the Mozillians Yammer instance. If we do get officially adopted as a communication channel, then we should see more categories that cover more communities.

So welcome! And don’t worry too much about posting in the wrong place. The beauty of Discourse is that we can move it for you :smiley: