What is your job in your `normal` daylife?

The most of council are volluntairs so what do they for work the time there is left after the reps program?


I had been with the Aviation Industry since I graduated from college until November last year (16 years total). I also help manage a family business, and act as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for it.

At home, I am husband to my loving wife, and father to my children (Xeon and Haswell).


Up until recently, my career has been in engineering, and then as a participation architect at Benetech (matching people wanting to lend their skills with open source projects). And yes like Bob hard not to mention parenthood - I have three girls: Molly, Daisy and Violet


I am working as Documentalist in charge the Documentation Centre. Our focus actually is the creation, development and implementation of a virtual health library giving access to health & medical literature with other services to health professionals in Mauritius. It’s good to mention that I am the administrator of this project and I am using FOSS to this project. I am also involved in the creation of digital libraries using FOSS too.

I work in a IT company in China as a developer now.
Everyday is very busy for company’s job, so only have time for Reps program on weekend.

I am an Ops Engineer at a start-up here in Myanmar. I love coding pieces of things in both my working and free time.