What is your opinion about the best way reps who are also staff can serve the community?

I think about this, as a rep and community member who also works here. Interested in your thoughts.


It all depends on how can you do your community work and your moco job, i remember how once @mrz posted on the mailing list about him having troubles to find free time to participate in Reps, because his job+reps would end up in being Mozilla all day long which leads to a burn up and frustration, i think its all about balance, particularly i think that @gueroJeff does great on how he manages to do his L10n work together with the community and then make it a Rep activity as he empower current L10n volunteers and help them grow.

Working full time at Mozilla allows you to have contact with people everyday that could benefit from your Rep role. Improving volunteer participation in your team could be one.

But the rest shouldn’t be different from a lot of other Reps that also have a full time job :wink:

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