What MozFest sessions should we go to?

The Mozilla Festival is this weekend, but unfortunately we’re not all attending it.

For those who aren’t attending, what sessions would you like for us who are to attend?

The draft schedule can be found here: http://mozilla.github.io/mozfest-schedule-app/#_show-saturday

How do communities come together?

Architecting Against Online Harassment

Leadership Games

  • I think this would be great for both leo and yousef to attend

Digging deep…a workshop on community research

We definitely need someone to go to this one!

Change the world through code: how to meet the person you need in your team to do so

  • Good place to find people who want to help? Learn how to pitch contributing?

Tools for growing an inclusive diverse project

Tech Strategies for Grassroots Advocacy

We do have an advocacy component to our mission.

Retaining and growing communities online and offline.

From Participation to Collaboration

This might be interesting for leo to go to to give expertise

Scaling the leading & learning program for Participation at Mozilla

Collaborative Community Spaces

Design Thinking - Maximizing Resources in Your Community

  • This one is about working with volunteers and getting creative on how to work with fewer resources

Open Practices for Scalable, Professional Contributions in Community-based Projects

  • This definitely applies to us, trying to find mentors