What sorts of projects and events would council members most like to see Reps take on this year?

More events? More education? More work in specific project areas? Interested in your unified or diverse viewpoints :smiley:

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I see:

  • More education and training.
  • More work with Mozilla functional areas.
  • More impact! :slight_smile:
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  • I would like to see Reps focused on building stronger and tightly knit communities across their regions.

  • Collaborative efforts between Reps of different regions on several functional areas.

  • Have Reps participate on projects were we have never been before!

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I think what I would like to see Reps working on - is already in motion , as a launch pad for product impact through education and training opportunities and recognition that matters as core to the virtuous circle Mark talked about in his blog.

So for projects: those that need our help, starting with FFOS Market Research and Developer Engagement , but quickly accelerating to many other parts of the project that need help. Reps are incredible at mobilizing impact where it is most needed - it will make all the difference for Mozilla.

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