When will it be possible to test add-ons under manifest 3 using Firefox

I haven’t found the answer on Mozilla’s website, so I’m asking here. Not sure if this is inn the pipeline yet.

The latest “long form” word on the state is currently https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2021/05/27/manifest-v3-update/

I think there’s been some talk about more recent details in the matrix room, but from what I remember it’s still mostly accurate.

Hi Martin, I’ve installed Firefox Nightly (97.0a1 (2022-01-04) (64-bit)), and to start with, I couldn’t find any setting corresponding to Fission (Site Isolation)!?!

The “Implementation Timeline” says:

As of this writing, we are hoping to complete enough work on this project to support developer testing in Q4 2021 and start accepting v3 submissions in early 2022. This schedule may be pushed back or delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances.

I’ve been following Google’s excellent documentation to migrate my extension from manifest 2 to manifest 3, but thus far I haven’t been able to test anything on Firefox, and that really is a bummer!

Fission is enabled by default now.

Hi @odebroqueville1! We’re still far out from having something testable. We’ll make an announcement on the Add-ons Community Blog when it’s ready for testing by developers.

Hi @caitlin, I guess the best way to proceed from here is to first test in Chrome. I’m having issues converting the background.js script to a service worker. For some reason, the service worker is inactive! Even debugging is not that straight forward. What bothers me the most with service workers is that we lose persistent global variables, if I’m not mistaken!

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