When will my extensions become available on Firefox for Android?

Hi Firefox team,

So many people want my extensions to be available on new Firefox for Android. I can’t find a way to tell you how important this is for me. I spent the whole decade on one of them, working hard so it can work as well as possible… and the core code is not complex, there is no way it wouldn’t work in new Firefox. What to do to convince you to change your mind and enable them? I’m desperate.



Hi @kikoke1, thanks for reaching out. A couple of folks have been discussing this topic on this thread.

At this time, we’re discussing how we can expand support to more extensions on the new Firefox for Android experience. This includes giving developers the ability to load their extensions on Firefox for Android Nightly for testing purposes.

Once we have more details we will share them on the Add-ons Blog.

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@caitlin Please allow extensions to support new Firefox app.

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I would like to use this extension on the latest version of Firefox for Android.

If Mozilla simply enables about:config again, and add some dire warnings that it can break the app, I believe this will allow users to reconfigure Firefox to allow all plugins again.

See https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/i51k0q/mozilla_could_turn_on_about_config_and_have/

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Plz enable plugins! These are what sets Firefox apart and gives it an edge :wink:

I need the extension I don’t care about cookies on the new Android Firefox.

Please allow “I don’t care about cookies”, I need it.
If Firefox disables more and more useful Add-Ons I will eventually change to another browser :frowning:

need the extension I don’t care about cookies on the new Android Firefox.
Please,please,please. I love firefox but I am considering looking at other browers if this add-on is not available anymore on firefox…

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@garrett explains how to achieve this via uBlock Origin:

please allow this extension

Hey folks, I’m closing this thread in favor of the ongoing thread for add-on support in Fenix.