Where can find place of a file on host during editing by inspect on browser mozilla?

(chapar) #1

first i am not a spammer and i wrote in a general forum here . my question is when we are editing by inspect ( F12tab and follow … ) in html view shows only css.php and no other directory on host . in css files on host we can not see a file name as css.php . please say me in such situation what are the simplest and fastest ways to find css file on host to perform and save the changes.
thank you very much

(jscher2000) #2

Do you mean in the Rules panel on the right side of the Inspector? Try the right-click context menu for the file name where you can find “Copy Location” to get the full URL to the file.

Where it is on your server and how it is generated is a different question because as you know, it may be redirected or renamed by PHP or in .htaccess. DevTools can only show what is sent to the browser.

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