Why don't we bring back Mozilla Gear?

(Wesley Branton) #1

With the new (well, not really so “new” at this point) branding changes with Mozilla, why don’t we bring back the Mozilla Gear website?

I know that it was originally closed because it didn’t generate a lot of money, but money is money and it’s a valid revenue stream. Even if it doesn’t generate a huge amount of money, the merch selling platforms don’t cost a huge amount of money either. There are platforms that you don’t even have to pay for, they just take a percentage of the sale with no minimum orders or anything like that.

And I think the designs are pretty simple too. If you want some “outside of the box” ideas other than just slapping the logo on a T-shirt or jacket, we can hold a contest and put the best ones on the website for sale.


I would love to see it come back, but one hurdle to overcome is import duties.

The tax on goods being received by the purchaser made purchasing items prohibative for those outside of North America. From what I remember, the tax on a t-shirt almost doubled the cost (for me).