The Gear Store’s Last Day

This March, we’ll be winding down the site for a number of reasons. Chief among them: The store hasn’t met revenue or fundraising expectations, and the ROI of time and energy to maintain it is too small for Mozilla Foundation to continue. Additionally, our key vendor was acquired twice in the past 12 months, making operations more difficult. Without a strong vendor partnership, the demands to maintain the store and provide quality customer support weighs heavily on our staff.

We still have quite a lot of inventory left as of today. Starting now, we’ll be holding our largest sale yet to help liquidate remaining inventory: 30% off all items. We hope you’ll use this opportunity to stock up on your favorite Mozilla gear at before the store closes officially on March 31, 2016! (Discounts do not apply to shipping costs.)

We’ll be working hard to share the news with all our customers and community members to ensure everyone has the support they need with final orders. Customer support and service from our vendor will continue for four weeks after the sale ends. Until then, please click on Customer Support at if you have any problems or questions about an order.

Important dates:

  • March 1, 2016: Big sale launches — 30% off everything
  • March 31, 2016: Sale ends, website taken offline
  • April 30, 2016: Customer support ends

There are several other ways you can continue to stay involved with Mozilla and support our mission, to help keep the Internet open and free.

Thank you for your support! Please share any questions here!

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You are think sale the products in other virtual site for save costs in the future??

Thank you for the update, Lucy.

After March 31st, if someone wants to make a DIY Mozilla tshirt (or anything else for that matter) using the official logo, what are the best resources for that? Also, will that be pemitted or not really (due to branding protection, etc.)



As far as I know, it is already the case that you’re allowed to print your own swag with Mozilla trademarks, as long as you adhere to the branding guidelines and trademarks and it’s not for sale. This needs to be confirmed though, I can’t speak for Legal here :slight_smile:

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Are there any guidelines written for this? I might be also interested in.


Main guidelines are here:

Beyond that, we usually only discourage people printing shirts or any other product and selling it
using our trademarked logos.

If it is for personal use without intent to sell, you can make whatever you’d like! :slight_smile:

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What if all profits from items sold are donated back?

If you can provide a business plan as a foundation of a trademark agreement, or know someone that would, I’m sure that folks are happy to look at it. would be the contact form.

It should contain answers about product quality, ethics, shipping, customs, fulfillment, customer support, etc.

Wether there should be a few extra dollars in the consumer prices for a mozilla revenue stream or not, that’s probably something to negotiate.

OTH, if there’d be folks just throwing a couple of locally printed shirts on a website, I doubt that project will succeed in delivering a customer experience that is benefitial to the mozilla brand perception. AKA, it’ll fail hard and fast, and leave people frustrated at mozilla much more than at the failed shop.

Is there an official swag store where I can buy Mozilla and Rust swag?

Hi cleopatrakarstens

There is currently no official swag store, although Mozilla stickers are currently available from a range of sticker suppliers.

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AFAIK None of those suppliers is “official” though and technically they may be infringing on Mozilla trademarks, but I guess nobody really wants to take action on that… :wink:

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Given the current state of the web and Google’s enforcement of Web Integrity API into chromium, the call for social awareness of this situation is now important more than ever. Need more Firefox swag out there!

@disassembler - this should help:

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