Why firefox is not and will not support java

I cannot even open my open profile posts in some genuine sites as it alerts that my ip belongs to the high risk category alert by spam filters.
with a warning java to be enabled.
When I just change my browser to a new chrome, this page opens up with no problem.
While I admit that there may be security involvement concern in java programs, Is it not true that all programs will have some gaps and need improvements. Java is available to pc from long time.
Firefox policy of not supporting java, would definitely switch its long users to switch to other browsers.
Will you say something on this

Is this not a apt subject to converse with mozillians in this sub category. Since a few days, I had to shift to chrome because of this

Hi Jayaraman,

Right now, my suggestion is that you post your question to the support forum, where you can get the best help: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new/desktop/form

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Hi, Mozillian, I think that this is suitable forum to raise and expect. Support mozilla is for support of available features.
My take is even though java has some issues like loopholes and security , I want to pinpoint, which software or application has not?
So many applications that have been run on java is no more supported by firefox browser.

Hi Jayaraman,
Chrome stopped supporting Java in 2015. If you’re having a problem with a website working in Chrome, but not working in Firefox, I suspect it’s for a different reason. In order to investigate the reason, it’s best to post in the support forum.

If you’d like to see when each browser stopped supporting Java, visit the following webpage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NPAPI#Support

NPAPI is already dropped for long time before… in favor of WebExtension and WebAssembly, so it shouldn’t well, works as expected. as now if I’m developing java web app, then we launch it via jnlp file, with browser launch it, also some like WPF, Flash, etc… as for Flash, there are ruffus active project that can work as drop in replacement…