Why is Mozilla VPN solely wiregaurd capable?

So after looking at Mozilla’s FAQ for their VPN, it appears as though the VPN is solely making use of Wiregaurd and its dependent/compatible protocols/suites.

This doesn’t make sense to me.

Yes, it’s true folks can be more reasonably assured our traffic is not being analyzed by Mozilla’s VPN loops but only allowing Wiregaurd is very restrictive and not very open.

While it’s true Wiregaurd can outperform OpenVPN implementations in some traffic patterns and conditions, this is obviously subject to many outlying factors the user cannot usually control.

At least with OpenVPN, things can be customized to better suite the user and it can allow for the actual client to offer up more features than what I imagine it already comes with—and this is when comparing it to other VPN providers and their software clients.

Why put out such a high risk by forcing people to use Wiregaurd when OpenVPN still works really well for most people? The option should be given at some point.