Why Quantum doesn't pretty print react codes

(Rui) #1

Seems that the pretty print button disappears for some javascripts.

load https://reactjs.org/, and in Debugger pannel, select app-[hash].js. You will see that there is no “{}” button at bottom of the source pannel.


But if you load https://jquery.com/. and select the main.js. You will see the “{}” at the bottom.

I wonder why is that.

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #2

Hello, thanks for warning us about that.
I can reproduce on Nightly as well.
You may be hitting this issue https://github.com/devtools-html/debugger.html/issues/1661, although I’m not sure about that. @Jason_Laster will know better.

There’s a workaround for this, you can right-click on the source tab and there should be a “Pretty print source” entry in the context menu