Wiki Update Progress!

@buluma_michael has kindly started hacking at the wiki updates for us!

Michael, as you make progress and want us to review pages, please reply here so that progress can be more easily tracked than on IRC.

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@majken thanks, will update in a bit.

Quick link :

So as @majken mentioned, we’re cleaning up the Community Ops wiki’s.

Here’s a breakdown of what we have so far:

  • [Community Ops][1]
  • [Get Involved][2]
  • [Contributors][3]
  • [Discourse][4]
  • [Wordpress][5]
  • [Hosting Services][6]
  • [Monitoring][7]

For now we have most of them as drafts. please feel free to leave your feedback here so that we can discuss and create some good ideas from it.


This is great! The only slight issue I see is on the “Contributors” page it has first names then full names linked to Mozillians. Maybe it would be better if it was the full name linked to Mozillians and then IRC nick or something?

I’ve also gone ahead and removed the bugs section on the Discourse page since that was a test from when we were still using Bugzilla (although now i’m writing this I probably should have replaced it with a Jira link)

Thanks for the input Yousef

That’s some good idea. I’ll give it a shot and see how it comes out.

Feel free to make additions and also on the pads :slight_smile:

I never got an option to link IRC Nick’s due to the different clients so i just added the nick’s alongside.

Please check to make sure I’ve not left out anyone : Team_members

It should link to Mozillians profiles instead, those won’t change, and they
include contact info like IRC.

hello @tanner, @yousef, @mrz, @tad, @jan, @logan, @leo, @majken, @MichaelaRBrown, @comzeradd, @XioNoX, @costenslayer, @simon1, @buluma_michael

Please have a look at Community Ops Wiki and update your respective sections.

Feel free to chip in where we can improve.

We don’t actually use New Relic for monitoring anymore, so that’s not needed on the monitoring page.

Tha’t done. thanks

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For the main page, we have the Mission and relation to PartInfra, team members, where to find us and Meeting notes.

I could use help with these if anyone has old meeting notes links.

Broken down to 6 sections for now:

  1. Get Involved - Gives entry and contribution pathways.
  2. Contributors - Has a brief on the group, list team members and correlation with Remo
  3. Discourse - Covers Requesting a category, Requesting an instance, Discourse Team Members and Contribution, plugin overview, monitoring, documentation and setup
  4. Wordpress - Wordpress-as-a-Services Scalability, flexibility and security. Documentation, commissioning / decommissioning and technical Flow are also covered here. Thinking of breaking this into a second child page. any thoughts?
  5. Hosting Services - Covers requesting for domain, hosting, SSL and migration. The latter has to be discussed though. I should have brought this up but here we go
  6. Monitoring - Does not have so much now. Needs information on tools, how to use it and requesting for monitoring

@tanner please help out with Monitoring page.

You can watch the pages once logged into wiki by clicking watch on star next to view history

For the contributors page, it looks like you used things from an old page
and didn’t refer to the wireframe in the planning pad. Contributors is
meant to be a more in depth list of the team and what we do for the project.

The wire-frame didn’t have much information on this and that’s why i combined the information from IT with this one.

With this feedback, we can discuss it in Monday’s 1:1 then i can work on it again.