Will your Owl plug-in allow us to continue using POP3 email?


We have been using Thunderbird for some years. Our email address is
linked to our domain name through GoDaddy. In 2021 they moved us from
GoDaddy webmail (which we liked) to Microsoft365. We have been able to
still use Thunderbird but earlier this month GoDaddy said that
Microsoft365 is moving to a new server on Monday 24 January and will
have a different name: Exchange. GoDaddy says that Exchange will NOT
support POP3. We would like to continue with POP3 if possible.

If your plug-in will allow us to use POP3 with Exchange, what settings
do we need to change on Thunderbird in order to keep using it with POP?

Our current settings include:
Server Type: POP mail server
Server Name: pop.secureserver.net
Outgoing Server: smtpout.secureserver.net

GoDaddy says we will need to change those settings and use the
following, but I don’t know if these entered on Thunderbird or elsewhere:
Server name: outlook.office365.com
The Port number stays the same for us.

  Outgoing Server name: smtp.office365.com
  This will have a new port number.

I read in one of the threads here that we will need to accept all
cookies and select “until they expire.” Will this apply to our situation
(moving to Exchange)?

Any other settings we will need to change?

Thanks for any help!

There is a support email on the extensions website.

OWL for Exchange