Workshop/Campaign: Orgainsing Ideas for "Low"-Resource Languages

TLDR: Rather than hosting a workshop on organising for low-resource languages, we are thinking of running a campaign across languages to be completed by 1st Sept. Quick poll at the end of this post to express views or feel free to comment.


Organising a crowdsourcing project is challenging especially when languages have structural disadvantages e.g Language persecution.

As part of the community workshop series, we are planning on doing a workshop session on organising for “low resource” languages but thought we could do something more.

I and Britone (Kiswahili Community Fellow) are exploring the idea of creating a Community-Led Dataset Growth Campaign in the lead-up to the September Dataset release (tentative mid-Sept).


Across Language Communities we would organise hyper-local (e.g in-person event delivered in your language) interventions of one or more:

  • Building resource structures that can sustainably support you in building open knowledge for your community.
  • Partnering with orgs in specific fields that would benefit from voice-enabled tools with a privacy-first focus.
  • Write-a-thon that has incentives to create content or translate community context-based content


  • To support each other we would highlight strategies through async (resources) and sync (2 sessions) in August.
  • It would have a camaraderie but also be competitive like the FIFA World Cup. The intervention would have to be completed by 1st September.

Would you like to participate (anon poll, results only to staff) ?

  • Yes
  • No

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*ps. please feel free to share views in comments

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