Workshop Testing - We need you!

Hi everyone,

In the coming weeks we’ll be
developing and releasing a series of workshops intended to amplify the
impact of Mozilla, and the importance of our mission on people’s lives
through learning experiences.

And we need your help testing!

If you have one hour, and can grab a few friends together to test a workshop it would be amazing! Your feedback can and will, improve content before we run it with larger groups - making a good workshop, a great workshop!

Starting with Network Security for Campus Campaign! ( I learned a lot creating this content, you might as well :slight_smile:

All details can be found in this Github
task, including ways to help if you prefer to content-review. If
you’re interested in regularly testing new workshops please email me,
and I’ll be sure to include you earlier.

Thanks so much!


How to protect our network security in Public WiFi is every Internet user must know the basics, and I look forward to this knowledge can learn as soon as possible!

I really like this project. I will with my friends together to discuss issues and make recommendations

My English is poor, please forgive my ,I am using google translate to help communicate and have copied/pasted the results. Please forgive any errors!


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I would take the form of a questionnaire to carry out, and the results tell you.

如果你将前往一个荒岛,独自生活,好消息是岛上有网络 ,坏消息是岛上规定只能使用一个社交媒体频道/应用程序(例如你只能浏览新浪网或者你允许使用QQ,微信或者阿里旺旺或者其他社交网站,你将会选择什么 ,以及为什么?
(If you were headed to a desert island, and could only use one social media channel/app, what would it be and why?)

How do you evaluate online news as being trustworthy, or even true?

Have you created, or made something on the web (as story, as webpage, blog post, a video) ?

Have you created, or made something on the web (as story, as webpage, blog post, a video) ?

Have you ever ‘Googled’ someone before meeting them?
你有没有想过有人会在和你见面之前 google 你 ? 你感觉如何?

你有没有尝试搜索一下自己 或者设计和自己的信息有关的警报(关键词)?
Have you ever Googled yourself? Or setup an alert with your name?

What’s your favourite cat video?

What’s the craziest place you’ve checked your social media?

Before sharing a photo of you, with others in it - do you ask for their consent?

What types of things do you love sharing online? How do you think your life is better because of it?


If you are entering important, personal data (like banking info) into a browser, do you look for https? (or the green lock?).
如果你浏览网银或者其他你认为很重要的网站,你是否会认真观察 Https,或者有绿色的锁头标志?

Do you have a system for managing your passwords?
您有管理您的密码的系统吗?这个一部分,对于大部分IE 用户会是一个很陌生的提问 ,我认为应该修改成你知道如何设置一个好的密码吗? 或者你会定期修改你的密码吗?你会在不同的环境设计不同的密码吗?

Where do you use public or free wifi?

Have you thought about who is watching you online?

What ways do you protect your data?Have you reconnected with an old friend through social media?

Does your mother follow you on Facebook?

Do you know how many followers you have on Instagram?

Have you applied for a job online?

Is there anything that you can’t purchase online?

Do you use online banking?

当您尝试新的餐厅时,你查看网上的评论吗? 当你吃到不好的餐厅或者有不好的消费体验到时候 ,你是否愿意上网提交你的评论?

When you try a new restaurant, do you check reviews online? When you get a bad meal, do you provide an online review?

What types of things do you write online reviews for? Restaurants, hotels, movies, other?
你会写一些什么类型的评论?例如 餐厅、 酒店、 看电影,其他吗?

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Thanks so much for these translations.
If we move into the next phase with this workshop we will look at localized versions.

Until then we hope people will fill out this facilitators review. Thank you!