XPI file size limit

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I’m developing a Firefox extension as a university project and I’m planning to package a Tensorflow.js model with it, of which at the moment I don’t know the exact size. I suspect it will be at least a few hundred megabytes large.

I don’t plan to upload the extension to Mozilla’s official add-on repository so upload size limits are not of my concern.

I just want to know if there’s a file limit being imposed on local Firefox installations.

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The limit on individual file size within the XPI and the entire package size will be exactly the same, since it’s a limitation of the signing infrastructure. If you don’t plan to sign the extension, then there shouldn’t be any limitations apart from what your system can handle. If you plan to sign the extension, you might want to make the model a separate download the user provides to the extension through a file input or similar - though I’m not sure you could even store that kind of data in an indexedDB…


Thanks, Martin! This answers my question so far.

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