You killed Refresh Blocker. New blockers?

The Quantum upgrade killed my favorite addon, Refresh Blocker. I like the upgrade in general but will revert to previous version if a (auto) Refresh Blocker is not available.

Can the Firefox developers not work with addon developers to upgrade their apps prior to new releases? Upgrades killing addons has been a true pain in the arse for years.

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David Atkins



I have been waiting for the API to update Refresh Blocker for over 9 months but there isn’t anyone working on it AFAIK :frowning:

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Thanks for your reply.
Are you aware of any other way/app to stop auto refresh?

Sadly no… I tried some hacking way of doing it but it didn’t work (otherwise I would have released an update to the Refresh Blocker)

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Just a random thought. Based upon my recent searches and resultant comments it appears that many people hate auto refresh enough to be a reasonable opportunity for a for pay standalone application.
I am not a programmer but I assume that a good programmer could develop and market a for sale stand alone program that would be well received.
If you or any other programmer does one please let me know and I will be their first customer.

That would be a lot more complicated (if possible) to do (different operating systems and then co-ordination with the browser).

None of the other browsers had a Refresh Blocker due to the lack of API. Firefox legacy was the only one that had it. I was using the old add-on and when it was abandoned, I wrote the new Refresh Blocker since I couldn’t do without. :wink:

I am travelling and not at my usual base location for the next few weeks. I will try to see if I can get anyone interested in creating the API needed in Firefox or get someone to mentor me and I will try to write the API myself.

@caitmuenster :pray:

I discovered that the NoScript addon (which they haven’t killed – so far) will block auto-refresh. The bad news is that it blocks many, many other script-based functions. You can disable individual blocked scripts, but it is a real pain. A Firefox addon “Refresh Blocker” would be much better.

The best solution would be for Firefox to stop killing addons. They have been doing this for a few years and each update renders Firefox less and less usable. Too bad, so sad. I have been using Firefox since its inception (named Phoenix which was a fork of Netscape as I recall) and I still prefer it over all the other browsers, BUT, it has to be a fully functional application in order to be useful tool.

Enjoy your travels and please keep me appraised on your Firefox API progress.

Thanks, David

Same here :wink: Phoenix -> Firebird -> Firefox

Hey @erosman! Hmm – I wonder if any of the other Refresh Blocker users are developers who might be able to write the API for bug 1352653.

That having been said, there are a few more resources available for people who want to write an experimental API and have it uplifted. Luca put together an FAQ to help Outreachy applicants get onboarded to WebExtensions APIs so that they could build WebExtensions APIs for Android. Even though there is quite a bit of Android development information in the FAQ, the document might be helpful for getting started with the API.

Want to give it another try? I can try to help find a mentor.

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