Youtube PWA has Bottom Bar

hello im using androis firefox pwa capability but it keep showing bottom bar for youtube even it is pwa note like twitter, discourse, etc. Is there anyway to disable it? Thanks


I have tried to add a PWA from YouTube, but I am not having much luck.
What is the address of the site that you are opening in Firefox for Android to then install as a PWA?

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Nice question. Go to youtube, change to desktop view, clicl install button on Firefox fenix, disable desktop view. You will get this kind of app.


On twitter No bottom bar, on no bottom bar.


I recommend that you add feedback with images to

So open new issue… alright… thanks… I just hope they’re work around because worka. You could try it.

No need to open a new issue - it would be better to add your comments to the bottom of the existing issue.

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It’s diferent problem actually, it state a hugh white bar on top of notification, where it’s not on my problem. Seems I need to open new issue. It cluttered the issue on github :confused: