YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is failing Everyone

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (Dev Edt.)
used to be that it would at least Download the video. now it fails or is interrupted. We are all sick of youtube as a community and this was a way to fight back a little.
Im using 127.02 64 bit Mozilla
does anyone know of a free YT downloader that works? im sure YT is trying to stop these things, but they are disingenuous

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There is a desktop app called “JDownloader 2”.
The interface is bit complex but it should work great (even for many other pages).
I’ve used it a lot many years ago during the great piracy era :smiley:, along with “FreeRapid” downloader (similar app, but less features and likely less supported pages).

google interupted. they all now wont everyfile is online cant download. that for bisnis