Zigbee: Failed to load zigbee-adapter - No Zigbee dongle found

Hi !

I’m trying to get work my raspberry pi zero W with the conbee key but I got the following error :

2019-05-16 06:30:42.787 INFO : zigbee: Serial ports that were found:
2019-05-16 06:30:47.505 INFO : zigbee: Serial Device found @ /dev/ttyAMA0
2019-05-16 06:30:47.567 INFO : zigbee: Serial Device found @ /dev/ttyS0
2019-05-16 06:30:47.597 INFO : zigbee: USB Serial Device 1cf1:0030 Vendor: dresden > elektronik ingenieurtechnik GmbH Serial: DE1965536 found @ /dev/ttyACM0
2019-05-16 06:30:47.648 ERROR : zigbee: Failed to load zigbee-adapter - No Zigbee dongle found
2019-05-16 06:30:48.253 INFO : Plugin: zigbee-adapter died, code = 100 NOT restarting…

Thanks for help

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I got the same issue with mi raspberry pi 3+…

I have the same problem

Are you all using the ConBee or the ConBee II?

I am using Conbee II

I also use Conbee II.

anybody have an idea to solve this ?

Hi all, I have the same problem too with just bought Conbee II dongle.

Same here using ConBee II. Is there any file that can be modified to let gthe Conbee II work ?

Have anyone managed to solve this issue yet?

Issue opened => https://github.com/mozilla-iot/zigbee-adapter/issues/121
Looks to be in todo https://github.com/orgs/mozilla-iot/projects/2#card-21613377

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I added preliminary support for theConBee II to the zigbee adapter (version 0.7.7). I’ve tested it with a few devices, but please let me know if you run into any issues.

Hi, now conbee II has been correctly configured and has been possible to add my Osram smart + plug and switch it on ad off, but some time after switch become unresponsive.
Can I share something useful for debug the issue?
THX a lot.

I’m running into the same issue with my ConBee II and am in touch with the developers

I just released version 0.7.8 which should work better with the ConBee II. It now resets the watchdog timer which was causing the dongle to become disconnected about an hour after being plugged in.