Zigbee low voltage switch

Hi all

Is anyone aware of a zigbee low voltage (5 - 12v) switch/relay which works with WT?

My problem is I need to turn on/off a 12v piece of equipment and I can’t use mains power ( safety issues) .

Thanks all Alex

Amazon has one. Runs on 12 volts DC and controls a relay that can switch upto 250 volts AC 10 amps or 30 volts DC.
Search in Amazon for “MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch”
Only $15
I recently purchased one from Amazon and works perfectly with WebThings!

Hi Mark
Brilliant, thanks for your help with this it’s really helpful and timing was just right. I can’t believe this stuff is so cheap enabling you to build up your system as and when you have funds or just as you develop WT. Thanks again and much appreciated , Alex