A Quick VIDEO Intro to Mission-Driven Mozillians

Hello everyone,

This is a new update on the Mission-Driven Mozillians project.

We’ve heard your feedback and we know that understanding the complexity and motivations for this project can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. That’s why Lucy and I decided to record a video presenting the project details the same way we have been doing in person with many of you.

(Remember you can always enable the subtitles if you want and contribute to the video by adding a translation here )

Topics covered in this video

  • 0:00 - Presentation and intro: What’s this all about?
  • 1:02 - Background and motivation: Why now?
  • 2:37 - Who are Mission-Driven Mozillians?
  • 4:37 - Real Talk: Missed Opportunities and Bad Experiences
  • 6:40 - A Modern Unified Contributor Experience
  • 7:17 - High Value Engagements: Enduring areas and campaigns
  • 8:49 - Guidelines and unified systems: The 7 themes
  • 11:27 - Roadmap: Pathway to a Modern Unified Experience
  • 12:39 - What’s Next?

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We hope you enjoy this video and share it with other Mozillians. We are looking forward for your comments.! Stay tuned for another series of short videos going deeper into each theme that we will be sharing soon.

Thanks for watching!

Lucy (@lucyeoh) and Ruben (@nukeador)

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Hi @nukeador and @lucyeoh,

Thanks a lot for making this video, it is quite hard to try to convey multi-year long context and processes into 13 minutes, I really appreciate your efforts here. Below you will find my feedback which is focused on the video and from a point of view of someone who has not been deep into the discussions and processes. I hope you’ll find this feedback useful.

Mission-driven mozillian monicker is confusing

I believe the name “mission driven mozillian” sounds cool but it is confusing and will lead to more noise than signal in our whole communication.

In my personal understanding, mission driven mozillians would be mozillians who pick on a specific mission inside mozilla or the web to champion. Some examples may help clarify what I thought:

  • Mr Foo has a passion for the extensible web, he is championing add-on development and awareness.
  • Ms Bar dreams of the power of democratic access to the Internet, she is a champion for advocacy

And the video made it feel like it is about mozillians who are doing multiple stuff inside mozilla which might be related to one another, the idea that they are so in tune with the mozilla mission that they spread themselves all over the org. I find this definition so vague that I have difficulty thinking about planning anything that would cater to this group.

By making such vast category in which members only align together by the sheer quantity of things they are doing is very tricky and I don’t believe the name given to this category of volunteers is descriptive enough.

Research data is good but conclusions are a bit fuzzy

I think it is awesome that the team used a ton of research data to plan future actions, this is fantastic. The insights from this data will really help move Mozilla forward.

One of those insights which related to the overlap of areas in which volunteers are active which contradicts a previous assumption that different areas of action attracted different people is very valuable but I believe that after that insight, the video became a bit fuzzy with a lot of vague information that although useful, can also be applied to any other form of volunteer including non-mission driven ones. The 7 themes for example, can be applied to any type of volunteer and even employees and even other organizations. It is not that this information and project is not useful, it is, but it is also too broad and vague at the moment and I do appreciate that it is early days and there is a lot more to come.

Possibilities for opportunity matching are really needed

The part I liked the most is about opportunity matching and helping on-ramp volunteers into areas where they can contribute. There is a lot of friction inside Mozilla but not due to ill-will or bad actions but due to the sheer amount of different locations to find what to do and how to do something. Tackling this can lead to more impactful contributors which is awesome.


I like how you all identified a type of volunteer that is working on multiple projects and the 7 themes presented at the end are an awesome thing to focus but I believe that the name and scope used for this category of volunteers is too vague and will lead to fuzzyness and confusion. I’d recommend finding a more descriptive name and maybe narrowing a bit of the scope which might make it easier to reason about this category and provide actions and offers to it.


Thank you for this extremely thoughtful feedback!! This is exactly the kind of engagement we were looking for.

Re: the Mission Driven Mozilliians titles

I understand why you found this confusing and thought I would expand on our rationale and see if you have ideas for names that might clarify the distinct we’re trying to make…

What we’ve been trying to get at with the “Mission Driven Mozillians” title is people whose general interest in Mozilla’s mission mean they’re willing to do whatever it takes to advance Mozilla (within their skills and abilities). While they probably have preferences to different projects and skill sets, they’re willing to do a large number of things and are invested beyond a specific project.

Other names we considered for this group: Mozilla Enthusiasts, Mozilla Generalists, Mozilla Advocates.

They are in-contrast to “interest based Mozilla contributors” who are only interested in participating in so far as Mozilla’s project/campaign etc. intersects with their pre-existing specific area of interests.

Examples of this kinds of contributor would be a policy professor who is passionate about net neutrality, they may work with a number of organizations to advance net neutrality and when Mozilla launches a net neutrality campaign they get very involved. While they are temporarily an important and highly invested Mozilla contributor, as soon as Mozilla stops focusing on Net Neutrality, they will move on. While they like Mozilla their focus is on the issue, not the org.

These two groups are equally valuable(!!) but we noticed particular challenges for people (currently titled - Mission Driven Mozillians) who join for the community and mission and THEN ask what they can do. Versus people who know what they want to do, and then asking whether Mozilla can help them do it.


  • Does adding the description of the second group “interest driven” make this make more sense?
  • Given this longer description are there other names you would use to describe either group?
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@lucyeoh thanks for getting back to me so fast.

Adding the description of the second group makes it a lot easier to understand the first but this definition by exclusion is exactly what I perceive as a potential source of problems. And yet, I don’t have a clear suggestion forward regarding names. Something like multipurpose mozillian doesn’t carry the same impact and effect (from a recognition and branding perspective) than mission driven mozillian.

I toyed in my mind with something along the lines of all-star mozillians but it is not a good idea. The kernel of the problem is that we’re picking a collection of people whose categorization requires an explanation just to put them together in the same group. It is a complex grouping we’re using here, not complicated, it is easy to understand but it is not simple to convey with few words.

Mission-Driven Mozillians might be the best name we have but we must be prepared that it will always require explanation.

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Here are the slides from this presentation:

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