Mission Driven Mozillians 2018 Update

In November 2017 we announced the 11 themes that make up The Mission-Driven Mozillians Project. Since November we’ve met with staff and volunteers in person in Berlin and Austin and received huge amounts of feedback from interviews, emails, discourse posts, as well as from Mozilla leadership.

As a result of these many discussions and interactions we’ve refined the vision for the project, the themes that make up the work and in 2018 will be moving towards stage 2: “Produce a strategy and roadmap for implementing structures and processes to optimize the impact and health of Mission-Driven Mozillians communities.”

Our Vision

By 2020, a healthy global community of Mission Driven Mozillians is bringing benefits for our mission that none of our “competitors” can match and is a formidable foundation serving the movement for an open internet.

Mission Driven Mozillians will have impact on Mozilla projects by adding capacity beyond our means, sharing global perspective and ideas, and extending our reach into valuable networks. Furthermore by growing and empowering a community of people who truly put Mozilla’s mission first, we’ll discover new and wonderful value that we cannot currently predict.

Participating as a Mission Driven Mozillian will be deeply rewarding and fun. It will be easy to find and make valuable contributions to important projects.

Communities will be healthy and inclusive environments that support individual growth and bring out the best in all Mozillians. Staff teams will find it clear, effective and rewarding to engage with Mission Driven Mozillians.

In 2018, we’re going to take a big leap forward toward this vision by taking a human centered design approach to building programs, structures, and systems that challenge our current approaches and take the risks required to deliver truly excellent experiences.

The Project Themes

As we began work in each of these areas, various ones joined, morphed and changed. From 11 we now have 7 themes (also documented on the wiki). Check out this table to see how they’ve evolved.

In 2018 we’ll continue to work closely with volunteers and staff to advance work on each of these 7 themes. Here’s what this will look like in the first few months of 2018.

Accountable In Q1…
1. Group Identities Lucy Harris Running a pilot in India around developing standards for recognizing groups
2. Diversity & Inclusion Emma Irwin CPG reporting process expansion and development
3. Metrics N/A Connect with other projects looking at Metrics that Matter
4. Volunteer Leadership Ruben Martin Running a pilot with Localization Team
5. Recognition TBD N/A
6. Resource distribution Konstantina Papadea Propose standardized internal mechanism for fund distribution
7. Contributor Journey & Opportunity Matching Konstantina Papadea Running campaigns around privacy, internet health, and localization that connect enthusiasm to impact!

As plans solidify we’ll be linking to more information about each of the projects here and on the wiki.

In the meantime we’ll continue to engage Mission Driven Mozillians by running campaigns like the Firefox Sprint that provide engaging and meaningful contribution opportunities, and by supporting leadership initiatives like the Reps program.

Keep following the mission-mozillians tag for future updates.

You can find also this project on Mozilla’s wiki.

Lucy and Rubén