Mission-Driven Mozillians 2019-H2 Update

The Mission-Driven Mozillians program started taking place in early 2018. Its goal is to recognize people that are contributing on many different areas due to their support Mozilla’s Mission. Reps have been tasked with the role of Community Coordinators, contributors who are helping Mission-Driven Mozillians communities to grow.

For the second half of 2019, the program is focusing on building the Mission Driven Mozillians portal while with Reps we are working on enabling and training our Reps around the world to help Mission Driven Mozillians in their region. Here is a list of updates around the program.

Community Portal
30 July 2019

Mozilla’s Community Portal is a part of the mission driven mozillians strategy project 5. The goal is to create a central place for Mozillians to be able to find and discover impactful contribution opportunities, events, and to collaborate across community members & groups. Development of the portal will begin in August 2019, with an estimated V1 release date in early 2020.

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Mozilla Wiki

Mission Driven Mozillians aims at driving forward the creation of a modern unified contributor experience for Mission-Driven Mozillians.

Mission-Driven Mozillians are a persona of contributors who:

  1. Regularly contribute to a number of activities in support of Mozilla’s mission
  2. Are highly invested in Mozilla as an organization and a mission
  3. Contribute in multiple areas (either sequentially or simultaneously)
  4. Have Mozilla at the core of their community identities

While there are Mission Driven Mozillians in many areas of the project, the major areas of activity for this persona are: evangelizing, teaching, advocating, localizing, documenting, community building and doing testing.

The goal of this project is to work with teams and communities to implement modern unified structures and processes to optimize the health and impact of Mission-Driven Mozillians communities.

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What’s Next for Volunteer Leadership
02 February 2018

We collected feedbacks through discourse, email, and the many conversations led by community managers, and volunteers.

Here are some of the 5 major themes we heard in the feedback:

  1. We need to frame the principles more positively as guard rails, not rules.
  2. Implementation should not be a one size fits all model - any implementation need to accommodate the different needs of different communities and regions.
  3. The need for this is not clear to everyone - will this really solve the “chaos”?
  4. The term “leader” is loaded and negative in a lot of cultures.
  5. We need to offer equal opportunities to get diverse leaders.

More details here.

Mission-Driven Mozillians 2018 Update
02 February 2018

In November 2017 we announced the 11 themes that make up The Mission-Driven Mozillians Project 14. Since November we’ve met with staff and volunteers in person in Berlin and Austin and received huge amounts of feedback from interviews, emails, discourse posts, as well as from Mozilla leadership.

More details here.

A Quick VIDEO Intro to Mission-Driven Mozillians
28 February 2018

We’ve heard your feedback and we know that understanding the complexity and motivations for this project can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. That’s why Lucy and I decided to record a video presenting the project details the same way we have been doing in person with many of you.

More details here.

Community Coordinator Role
10 October 2018

The Reps program is evolving in order to be aligned with Mozilla’s changes on how we perceive communities. Part of those changes is the Mission Driven Mozillians project, where the Reps are involved. We (the Reps Council) believe that the Reps program has a natural place inside this project because of the experience, skills and knowledge on leading, growing and helping communities on their daily life.

More details here.

Mission-Driven Mozillians 2019 Update
28 January 2019

As a reminder the goal of the Mission-Driven Mozillians Project is to create a modern, unified way to attract and engage contributors who are passionate about the mission and want Mozilla to win.

More details here.

Please share your thoughts, insights, ideas, or how do you feel along this H1 of 2019.