A simple solution to combat cookie information banners

I am not sure were this would fit best I hope this is the right place. But these cookie information boxes that you always have to click away for every site you visit are just incredibly annoying. And quite some time ago I had quite a simple solution to this problem, although I don’t know how to proceed with it. Maybe you can help me with that.

So the idea is actually quite simple. Instead of the site asking you for your preferences, the browser can send a header in the request informing the website about your cookie preferences (none, only necessary, etc.). I think this would abide by privacy laws since it’s an opt-in in your browser and not every single site has to do it on their own. Do you think something like this is possible to realise? I’d love your feedback

Hmm, we could try again. What I mean is, browser makers implemented an optional feature called “Do Not Track” which sent a header (DNT) with each request. As far as I know, it never became legally required for sites react to that in a specific way, so most ignored it (even my own sites!). I don’t know what it would take for something like this to gain traction in the future if the big players don’t step up.