A way to make developers more successful

I’m certain there are many talented developers here, who are racking their brains looking for THE best new add-on.

Why not open up a section for users to suggest their ideas for applications? It may also be useful for developers to ask users for feedback. The challenge may be preventing it from becoming a complaint area.

But in any case, open up the process to the users. Build what they want. Developers can be more successful, Firefox will meeet the needs of more people, and Firefox users will be happy and loyal.

Another possibility might be a webform for ideas or an email listing.

To give you an idea, I will mention an idea. It may be something only I would use, and something tells me it may not be technically feasible.

I want to create some form of personal sticky note/popup directly attached to a URL. This will serve as a reminder about a partcicular company, or product, etc. Whenver I go to one website, I might see the note (choose the third menu item.) At another for a product, I might say, “This is what you gave Robert last year.” Another might say, "This is NOT the manual–go to Url,

They would need to be private/personal, and pop up automatically whenI get to certain web pages.

If I have posted inappropriately or in the wrong place, I apologize.

I like your idea of a suggestion/feedback system but you’re right that it shouldn’t become a complaint area. I know that developers can already get feedback on released add-ons but a general suggestion/feedback place would also be useful.

I do like your sticky note suggestion, even though I wouldn’t use it myself. At first glance (without looking at it in detail) I think that it could be done.

Hey @CustomerFocusEqualsSuccess, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I’ll keep this in mind to see if we could figure out a nice way to facilitate this in a way that works.

Basically one way we could experiment that is by creating a new category to this forum and encourage people to share and discuss ideas. No promises yet though but I’ll revisit the idea at some point.

Some ideas for how this could be approached in case you or someone else wants to pick this idea up.

One can use a popup user interface to enable one to write notes and then use for example notifications to display one when entering a site that has notes attached or use browserAction.setBadgeText to display a number of notes in the badge.

These notes can be stored in local or synced storage to keep them personal.