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(Yousef Alam) #1

Need help with an add-on? Ask here!

You can email addons+support@mozilla-community.org to post to this category.

(Noitidart) #2

So like if I can’t figure out how to use any addon I can ask here? Like for example, how to disable “x” feature of addon “y”? Just verifying the scope of this.

(Thailend1935) #3

If this isn’t the right forum, please direct me. I can’t find a Sling Player for Firefox add-ons. I have no trouble downloading it for Chrome, but I use Firefox for 95% of my internet actions.

(The Ancient One) #4

auto downloader for youtube is there one where you don’t have to sit there and watch it

(Manish Ray) #5

Anyone can easily download Youtube video and watch it offline. check EN Video Downloader.
For any help get in touch with me.

Web Designer

(Jasonsingerling) #7

I wanted to download adblock plus but it says connection failed. If connection is problem on my end then I would not be on the internet. I wish I could have adblock plus right now so I don’t put up with those ads.

(Mary Starr) #8

can no longer play minecraft because I can’t get JAVA to update. HAVE you thought about making a fix for that ISSUE!!!

(Max Ryden) #9

I can no longer use Flash Got - which IMHO is THE BEST Flash media download program. Can anybody recommend another good one that integrates with iGetter (which is ALSO not compatible, but has a work-around that I haven’t tried yet)?

(Marcus69) #10

Hi can you please enable either yourselves or allow others to enable a multirow bookmarks manager again…seems very strange that you have removed this capability. The reason so many of us use your product is because you do things different from google or microshaft. Now you seem to be trying to copy what they do…sounds like Samsung Vs Apple all over again.
I would say that the changes to Firefox with the introduction of Quantum may even end up causing me to find a new web browser. I am sure i am not the only one feeling very frustrated. Normally i would not care so much about a product…but when you find something good and it turns bad in such a short time…you get abit worried. Looking at all the others with issues makes me ask the question…Did you bring out Quantum too fast…?

(GoldenFalcon) #11

hello dear .i am using mozilla fire fox to surf the web and need an url shortener
can you help me

(RCH427) #12

What happened to my Session Manager saved sessions? I was just forced to “update” my FF from 56 to 57, and now my Session Manager folder is nowhere to be found.
This had better just be some kind of glitch…

(Tripjhon) #13

Hey i am using chroome and have lot of extension on it .The extension have made the browser slow .Now want to switch to mozilla .i want to know, if you are having grammarly in your kitty

(Rh1cm2) #14

How can I use a Legacy Extension that 57.0 doesn’t support and if not what older Versions of Firefox will support it?

Thanks, rh1cm2

(Sebbieshores111) #15

NONE of all the great addson work any more in this horrible horrible version of Firefox and I have repeatedly tried setting the new Firefox to accept cookies but numerous websites still insist this Firefox does’t accept cookies it’s a complete nightmare and I’ve had to switch mostly to Brave when I’ve always been loyal to Firefox until this HORRIBLE new rubbish version.

(jscher2000) #16

Hi sebbieshores, do you want help finding replacements for the extension features you miss (as much as possible with WebExtensions + custom css files), or have you given up?

This should not occur with default settings. However, it can be affected by the Tracking Protection feature (on by default in private windows) or a variety of add-ons. This would be a better topic for Mozilla Support: https://support.mozilla.org/